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Choose from our 3 tiers of instructors. All can teach the basics to advanced tricks. 
Tier 1 Pro Skater, have multiple sponsors and can teach almost all tricks. $80 per hr.
Tier 2 - Advanced skater, can teach advance tricks $60 per hr. 
Tier 3 - Intermediate skater, can teach basic tricks. $45 per hr. 

River, Advanced Skater

Flow with River! For me life is all about flow and the ocean is one of our greatest teachers. I started surfing 3 years ago when I first moved to California and I instantly fell in love! I do all sorts of hobbies like traveling, skateboarding, rock climbing, but surfing has always had my heart. I Surfed up and down the coast and I grew to love the process and the growth, every time I catch another wave I feel more and more alive. I also love to teach.

Learn to skate at the birthplace of skateboarding, California,  Venice beach, AKA Dogtown

Where in California did skateboarding originate?

The Early Days of Skateboarding

It is said that skateboarding was first developed by surfers near Santa Monica, CA during the 1950s. The popularity of the television show Gidget caused a massive surf craze in Southern California and surfing enthusiasts were looking for a way to surf when the waves were flat.

Since 2008 Kapowui has dominated the surf scene in Venice Beach and Santa Monica.
Bringing you the best surf instructors from all over the world, people that sleep eat and breath surfing daily.  It is in that same spirit that we have selected our skate instructors to teach you everything from the basics to advanced levels taught by renowned Pro skaters. 

We teach beginner to advanced lessons, all equipment is included.

With highly competitive rates, you get the best experience at an affordable price.  Treat yourself to the top-ranked skate school in LA with the best instructors in the business!

Availability: 7AM-7PM daily! Our schedule fills up fast so reserve your spot now before we are fully booked!

How to Book: Select a service, then choose your date, time, and instructor. You pay a deposit at booking then settle your balance after your lesson
via cash, Venmo, Cashapp or PayPal or Bitcoin and gold bullion are acceptable too. 

After Booking: You will receive a confirmation email and your instructor will reach out to confirm the date, time, and location of the lesson!

We offer surf and skate combo days, you can either pick half day or a full day

Half day combo entails morning surf, then skate session or vice versa.

or afternoon surf followed by a skate session !

Full day surf/skate combo means we start our day with surf then skate sessions, followed by afternoon surf then a trip to the most popular skatepark in southern California, Venice Beach.  

We also offer yoga, surf, and skate combo

half day and full day available

day starts with a morning meditation followed by a surf session, breakfast then afternoon yoga session, surf, lunch then skate lessons,

street, skatepark, and bowl. 

Claudio, Advanced Skater

having grown up in South America near the sea marked my life, I didn't have the opportunity to start surfing until I was 15 years old, but I learned how to swim with my mom in this small town with giant waves called Pichilemu. When I finally had my first surf lesson in the sea, I knew that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. So I bought everything I need to be in the water and learn to surf. From there it became my addiction and I could never leave it again, it is my search, my passion, my desire to be better to get up to go conquer those waves that, no matter how fearful I feel,

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